HALO Digital Goniometer

HALOHALO-Goniometer, The Next Generation Goniometer

HALO, is the next Generation tool for  Joint Measurement. It is both an Inclinometer and Goniometer. Designed by Physiotherapists for Physiotherapists. Manufactured by Daviscomms for Halo Medical Devices, Australia.

HALO features:

  • A single hand function allowing you to support your patients limb while you measure OR you can record your results with your free hand.
  • Results in 10 seconds AND results within +/- 1 Degree of Accuracy
  • Digital Display to show your Result – Easy to read Backlit Screen
  • Measures Special tests such as the Straight Leg Raise.
  • Long Lasers intersect landmarks for a repeatable measure.
  • Pocket size. It is with you when ever you need.
  • Measures in 3 planes. You can take any range, in 5 seconds.
  • Durable Casing. To survive that accidental drop from your desk

HALO Downloads:

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