Mobile Alert Response System (MARS)

The MARS (Mobile Alert Response System) is a state-of-art embedded system that supports the management of active alerts for mobile response teams.

  • MARS supports monitoring of common system data protocols, as well as Inovonics (TM), Bluetooth based sensors and e-mail.
  • MARS supports alert notifications to radio paging systems, smartphones, e-mail, LED Signs, Digital Displays and two-way radio systems.
  • MARS tracks active alerts and logs alert management activity.
  • MARS tracks Bluetooth LE(TM) based moble asset proximity and elopement risk events.
  • MARS is designed to message to mobile response teams using low latency messaging techniques.
  • MARS can also perform protocol conversions, data filtering, data translations, input combining and output splitting.


Please call [T: +44 (0) 1908 36 7722] or Email [] for more information.

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