12-32-0000 32 Port Input Expansion Module

32 input expansion module. May be used either autonomously with a serial to ethernet converter or with any transmitter that supports the Salcom protocol.

  • The 12-32-0000 is a 32-input expansion module that may be used either autonomously with a serial to Ethernet converter or to expand the number of inputs on any transmitter that supports the Salcom protocol. Input modules may be daisy-chained together to provide as many inputs as required.

    A simple LCD provides indication of current input states and system messages. LED’s provide an indication of system health, also upstream and downstream serial port activity. When a message is generated by an input module the content of the message will display (up to the first 16 characters) on the LCD momentarily.

    The 12-32 supports multiple message queuing, and will queue at least 50 messages.  Pre-defined input messages are limited to a maximum length of 40 characters which may be configured using Salcom programming software.

    Using the programming software (PSD), the input module may be configured to tag each message with a source description (e.g [01] or [Shed 1]).  Input actions, low supply detector settings and pre-defined messages may also be configured via the PSD.

    The 12-32 is housed in an attractive, durable metal case with provision on the base plate for wall mounting.

    • 32 External Inputs;
    • LCD indication of current input states and system messages;
    • Units may be “daisy-chained” to provide as many inputs as required;
    • LED Power indication of normal operation and low power voltage;
    • LED status indicators – Downstream Receive data, Downstream Transmit data, Upstream Receive data, Upstream Transmit data and System Error;
    • Messages up to 40 characters in length;
    • Input actions configurable via programming software;
    • External inputs can initiate actions on high or low input input transitions;
    • Low-supply detector can initiate a message for supply “going high” and “going low” conditions;
    • Internal Watchdog will initiate an action after a pre-determined period and optionally allows the transmission of the current state of selected inputs;
    • Supports Numeric or Alphanumeric Pagers.

  • Power Supply +11.5V to 15.2V. Nominal 13.8V
    Input Current 40mA approx.
    Message Format SALCOM propriety paging protocol
    Serial Input/Output 9600 baud, no parity, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit
    Discrete Inputs Pulled up to +12v (10K)
    Number of Inputs 32
    Dimensions 193mm x 113mm x 50mm

  • Product Brochure 12-32 Product Brochure
    User Manual 12-32 Product Manual
    Configuration Tool 12-32 Configuration Tool

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