12-34-0000 Relay Output Expansion Module

Used to expand the number of relay outputs on your Salcom 12-84 Relay Output Paging receiver or control relays via the serial port from your PC.

  • Do you need to expand the number of relay outputs on your Salcom 12-84 Relay Output Paging Receiver or control relays via the serial port from your PC?  The 12-34 may be the solution you have been looking for!

    The 12-34 is a low cost relay output module which enables four relays to be remotely controlled using the Salcom relay control protocol. The module provides a fully scalable relay expansion solution for the 12-84 Relay Output Paging Receiver as modules can be “daisy-chained” to control any number of relays.

    While it is most commonly used to expand the number of relay outputs available on the Salcom 12-84 Relay Output Paging Receiver, it has the potential to be utilised with other paging receivers and can also be used autonomously under computer control.

    The relay unit connects directly to a 12-84 receiver or PC serial port without any special configuration requirements. The 12-84 can be configured to send all relay control packets down the serial port to all other units.

    Programming software is not required for this product, all configurable parameters can be programmed via the serial port using a terminal program on a PC.

    On startup the firmware version number, monoshot timer settings and unit ID are displayed, and can be changed.

    The 12-34 is housed in a durable extruded aluminium case, but should be protected from the weather if installed outdoors.

    • Four relays;
    • Units can be “daisy-chained” to control any number of relays;
    • 12 volt operation;
    • Individually programmable outputs;
    • No special software required; program configurable parameters using a terminal program;
    • Can be used to switch relays under computer control;
    • Ideal for remote switching applications – lights, pumps, etc;
    • Reverse polarity protected;
    • Optional relay restoration on power-up;
    • LED indication of operational status;
    • Rugged extruded aluminium case.

  • Power Supply +11.5V to 15.2V, nominal 13.8V
    Input Current 37 mA approx plus 20 mA per energised relay
    Relay Contacts 1 Amp @24VDC.
    (not suitable for 240VAC connection)
    Number of Relays Four
    Message Format Salcom proprietary relay control protocol
    Serial Input/Output 9600 Baud no parity, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit
    Environmental protection Weather protection should be provided for outdoor use

  • Product Brochure 12-34 Product Brochure
    User Manual 12-34 Product Manual
    Configuration Tool 12-34 Configuration Tool

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