11-85-0000 Hand Held Transmitter

UHF low power POCSAG pocket paging transmitter with in-built encoder and transmissions to provide numeric, alpha-numeric and tone-only POCSAG paging.

  • The 11-85 is a compact paging transmitter suitable for hand-held or wall mounted use. Each button on the unit can be programmed with a message. Pressing a button will transmit the message associated with that button to a pocket pager where it will display on the screen. The units are available on VHF and UHF versions.

    Transmitters configured to send paging messages can be utilized in a wide variety of applications such as personal and commercial security, medical alert, paging in restaurants and bistros, and customer assistance in supermarkets or hardware stores.

    Control applications

    The 11-85 can also be programmed to send control instructions to specialized paging receivers capable of controlling relays. Using this product combination the transmitter can be used for remote machinery control. The Salcom 12-88 and 12-84E are examples of relay receivers.

    One, two and four button units, four additional digital inputs are available for use as required.


    The transmitters can be programmed to suit application requirements using Salcom product support software and the accompanying programming adaptor.


    A front panel LED indicates when the transmitter is operating. A user-replaceable 9V alkaline battery gives a life of hundreds of transmissions with a range of up to 500 metres.

    • VHF and UHF versions
    • Rugged and compact
    • Internal battery operation
    • Optional external power supply protected interface (11-86)
    • Individual programmable buttons
    • Cost-effective
    • Ideal for remote switching applications (lights/pumps, etc..) when used with the 12-88 or 12-04 relay output receiver
    • Capable of operating on existing in-house paging systems
    • LED indicates transmitter is switched on
    • Audible beep on key press
    • Optional single, two, four or eight button units available by special order

  • Power Supply 9V DC
    RF Frequency VHF: 148-164 MHz    UHF: 440-470 MHz synthesized controlled
    RF Output Power 100mW (+20dBm) “1dB at 9V supply
    Input Current 90uA at 9V supply
    Channel Spacing 12.5kHz or 25kHz
    Modulation Carrier FSK with NRZ data
    Deviation ±4.5kHz or ±2.25kHz
    Tx Duty Cycle Up to 100%
    Baud Rate 512 Baud (1200 Baud to order)
    Message Format POCSAG
    Message Length 200 characters total
    Spurious Outputs Less than -36dBm
    Power Usage Sleep: 0mA – Transmit: 100mA approx
    Discrete Inputs Ground to activate
    Battery Life Approx. 2500 transmissions (this may vary with temperature)
    Temperature Range -10 deg C to +60 deg C
    Case Dimensions 64mm x 130mm x 25mm
    Weight 160 grams

  • Product Brochure 11-85 Product Brochure
    User Manual 11-85 Product Manual
    Configuration Tool 11-85 Configuration Tool

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