12-62-0000 VHF/UHF Transmitter

148 – 164 MHz (VHF) or 427.5 – 475 MHz (UHF) 4 watt synthesized POCSAG paging transmitter with an in-built encoder.


    The 12-62 Series transmitters are available as VHF and UHF units with user-programmable power outputs ranging from 50 milliwatts to 4 watts.  Using programming software, each model can be tuned across its full frequency range with no hardware adjustments.

    They are capable of operating as NRZ or POCSAG transmitters. The built-in POCSAG encoder can be enabled or disabled as required.

    In addition to a direct/RS232 buffered serial port, an on-board USB port enhances the range of applications to which the transmitter can be applied. Input/Output expansion is also possible via an internal.

    The USB and RS232 ports can be used to initiate paging transmissions using the Salcom proprietary protocol, Paging Entry Protocol (PET) or Telocator Alphanumeric Protocol (TAP) PG1 protocol. These ports can be used concurrently making it possible to connect a telephone interface unit and still initiate paging transmissions via the USB port.

    Four discrete inputs are supported which may be used to initiate relay commands for remote control applications.

    For paging applications a different pre-programmed message can be assigned to an input on high and/or low transition. The unit also supports low voltage detection on the power input.

    Configuration of the transmitter is performed via the USB port or the serial port using an intuitive  Salcom programming application which allows for the setting of all operational parameters.

    The 12-62 is housed in an attractive, durable extruded aluminium case with provision on the base plate for wall mounting.

    • Supports NRZ and POCSAG Transmissions;
    • High VSWR tolerance;
    • Up to 100% duty cycle;
    • Direct/RS232 buffered serial port;
    • USB port;
    • Four discrete inputs;
    • POCSAG encoder (programmable on/off);
    • RF output through standard BNC termination;
    • Salcom, TAP/PET protocols;
    • 240 Character messaging;
    • Buffered messages;
    • Input timing control(watchdog);
    • Programmable de-bounce control;
    • NZS/AS4769, ETS 300 224 (EC), FCC Pt 90.203 approvals;
    • Rugged extruded aluminium case.


  • Frequency VHF: 148-164MHz    UHF: 427.5-475MHz
    Switching Range Full range with no tuning
    Channel Spacing 6.25 kHz, 12.5kHz or 25kHz
    Output Power 7 settings, 50mW to 4W ±1dB 50Ω
    Power Supply 11.5V to 15.2V, 13.8V nominal
    Input Current Standby: 40mA   Transmit: 1.2A approx
    Modulation FSK with NRZ data
    Deviation ±2.25kHz or ±4.5kHz
    Baud Rate 512, 1200 Baud
    Message Format POCSAG
    Serial Input/Output S2, pins 1,2 RS-232 (DCE), 9600 baud, no parity, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit
    Paging Protocols Salcom propriety, PET, TAP (PG1)
    Discrete Outputs Pulled up to +12V (47K), ground to activate PTT on P2 pin 6. External modulation on S10 pin 8
    Discrete Outputs  PTT sink, 50mA on S10 pin 1
    Type approvals UHF: AS/NZS4769, EN 300 224, FCC Pt 90
    VHF: AS/NZS4769
    Dimensions 100mm x 120mm x 30mm

  • Product Brochure 12-62 Product Brochure
    User Manual 12-62 Product Manual
    Configuration Tool 12-62 Configuration Tool

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