15-15-5000 Transmitter

The 15-15-5000 is a 19 inch rack-mounted transmitter comprising a serial controller and a VHF or UHF transmitter with 4W output, which can be increased to 25W.


    The serial controller is capable of decoding different industry standard protocols and translating contacts and messages into POCSAG paging data for transmission to pocket pagers. Protocols which can be decoded include PET/TAP, 12-84 S&F, Salcom and Daviscomm Flex.

    Four user inputs are provided for pre-canned messages which can be activated from a high or low state on the appropriate pins on the D15 connector on the rear panel. The active state of these pins is software programmable. Each input has a programmable RIC, level and message.

    With a suitable receiver eight programmable RICs are available which can be translated to different transmit RICs. A print option is selectable on the programming software which provided the ability to print each transmitted message to a printer via the serial port.

  • Power Supply +11.5V to 15.2V nom 13.8V
    Signal output 148-164MHz (VHF), 427.5-475MHz (UHF)
    Channel Spacing 12.5kHz or 25kHz
    Output Power 4W into 50 Ohms (up to 25W with Power Amplifier option)
    Modulation POCSAG
    4.5kHz or 2.5kHz
    Transmission Duty Cycle Up to 60%
    Baud Rate 512/1200 baud
    Spurious Outputs -30dBm or less
    Serial Input/Output RS232 (DCE), 9600 baud no parity, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit
    Multiple Protocols: PET/TAP, 12-84 S&F, Salcom, Daviscomm Flex
    Discrete Inputs Pulled up to +12V (47K), ground to activate. Threshold approx. 3V
    Case Dimensions 140 x 105 x 32 mm

  • Product Brochure 15-15-0000 Product Brochure
    User Manual N/A
    Configuration Tool N/A

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