15-15-8000 NZFS TNPP Flex Decode

An enhanced message router for use.

  • The 15-15-8000 is an enhanced message router design using the intelligence of Salcom VisualPet software.

    This combination creates a new direction for message routing, display and logging. VisualPet allows new technologies to be bought to the remote sites including TCP/IP based protocols like

    SMTP (email), HTTP (web browser), TNPP via IP and remote login / management. New message delivery options like SMS can also be implemented.

    The configuration for the NZFS 15-15-8000 uses a Pentium500 miniPC running WindowsXP and Salcom VisualPet to decode inbound messages from either a Salcom Flex Decoder or the NZFS Sky Paging Network and pass these messages to a Salcom 15-15 Paging Transmitter.

    The 15-15-5000 or 15-15-9000 (15-15-5000 + Integrated Flex Receiver) Transmitter retains all the current options required by NZFS: four programmable inputs, local test page button, PDT selcall acknowledge and Sky Decoder reset timer.

    VisualPet contains a database of valid pagers and will convert the received Sky or Flex Pager RIC’s into valid codes for transmitting to crews.

  • Product Brochure 15-15-8000 Product Brochure
    User Manual 15-15-8000 Product Manual
    Configuration Tool N/A

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