DAVISCOMMS (S) PTE LTD is established in January 2000 and is in the business of providing Contract Design and Manufacturing services for a wide range of high quality consumer and industrial wireless electronics products such as PAGERS and PAGING SYSTEMS, TELEMETRY MODULES, TRANSMITTERS & TRANS-RECEIVERS, HANDPHONES and other MOBILE HANDHELD DEVICES as well as Printed Circuit Board Assemblies.

At Daviscomms, we are proud to provide our customers with end-to-end manufacturing solutions while delivering superior quality and support. Daviscomms is at the forefront of the industry due to its commitment to leading-edge technology, cost-effective manufacturing and the highest degree of customer service.

Daviscomms delivers low cost, high volume manufacturing solutions to our customers. We help maximize time-to-market objectives while minimizing procurement, materials management, and manufacturing costs.

Now, YOU can partner with a single provider to create innovative, market-leading products for technology and consumer markets.

Our Pagers Br502, Br802, Br808 and Br828 are available in the following sub-bands in VHF & UHF frequency:

VHF: 135-143Mhz, 143-151Mhz, 151-159Mhz, 159-167Mhz, 167-175Mhz.

UHF: 440-444, 444-448MHz, 448-452MHz, 452-456Mhz, 456-460Mhz, 460-464Mhz, 464-468Mhz, 468-472MHz.

High UHF: 929-932MHz

We can custom design & develop pager in any other frequency not mentioned above.


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